Why People Need Vitamin D So Much


The vitamin D it is a fundamental micronutrient for people’s lives. However, there is a generalized deficit among the population, which has become more latent than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic, although the importance of this vitamin goes much further.

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of cantabria found that 80% of patients admitted for Covid-19 had vitamin D deficiency. Later, new research studies found deficient levels in more than half of the Spanish population.

Thus, it seems that vitamin D is in fashion due to its link with positive effects against Covid-19. However, humans need optimal levels of this micronutrient for many reasons.

Sources of vitamin D

The main source of obtaining it is the sun, so food is considered a secondary source of obtaining this micronutrient. In other words, 80% of the vitamin D that we present in the body comes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, while 20% comes from food or vitamin supplements.

Vitamin D

Therefore, summer is an ideal time of the year to increase vitamin D levels, always sunbathing in moderation to avoid the harmful damage of ultraviolet rays.

For its part, the foods richest in this micronutrient are fatty fish, varieties of mushrooms and mushrooms, egg yolks, avocados or fortified cereals.

And is that vitamin D is a pletropic vitamin and therefore has different functions in the body. It is even estimated that it could intervene in more than 200 reactions of human leather that affects different areas.

Problems of lack of vitamin D

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