Why Matcha Tea Is A Trendy Drink


The matcha tea It is one of the fashionable drinks in the world. East Green Tea of oriental origin has already been strongly implanted in other continents, such as Europe. Thus, the main incentive to consume this ‘food’ are its incredible Benefits for the Health.

In addition, since it is a powdered tea, it does not necessarily have to be consumed through an infusion. It is also possible to make matcha for dessert, smoothies or ice cream.

According to experts, matcha has been used in China and Japan for 2,500 years. For this reason, in this area of ​​the Asian continent the intake of this type of green tea is practically a sacred tradition.

As it is a powder product, the properties of this tea remain intact and all its benefits are better used. Among them, the ability to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose stands out. In addition, it also contributes to burning fat.

The matcha tea boom

Although its benefits and properties have a millenary tradition, it was not until a few years ago that it became fashionable in Europe. Thanks to social networks and new forms of communication, it has been the ‘celebrities’ who have popularized the consumption of this tea among the population.

matcha nougat
Matcha nougat

Celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, Lady Gaga or Jennifer Aniston are true fans of this green tea of ​​plant origin.

One aspect to keep in mind about matcha tea is that it has effects similar to coffee, so it is not advisable to take it after noon, as it could interrupt sleep.

Matcha tea benefits

Here are some of the many health effects of matcha consumption and why it has become such a popular tea among millions of citizens:

  1. It has an important antioxidant capacity, which helps to purify the body and eliminate excess triglycerides, cholesterol or toxins.
  2. It is rich in EGCG, an important antioxidant that is associated with cardiovascular health and metabolism.
  3. Provides good doses of vitamins and minerals.
  4. It helps to relax the mind and favors energy, thanks to an amino acid such as L-theanine. Although it increases the body’s activity, it also promotes calm and reduces stress levels.
  5. It is recommended for people with diabetes.
  6. It helps to strengthen the body’s defenses and prevents fluid retention. It is also appropriate for intestinal transit.
  7. Matcha tea is also advisable to increase calorie burning.
  8. Provides vitality and energy to the human body. In addition, it also helps increase physical endurance.


The most common way to consume matcha tea is through a natural infusion, like any other type of tea. In this sense, we add about 5 grams of the matcha to a cup of hot water and stir vigorously until it is diluted and we obtain a green color.

Matcha tea preparations
Matcha preparations

In addition, due to its characteristics, matcha tea can also make different dishes, both salty and sweet; which stand out for a particular green color.

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