What happens if there is a vitamin D deficiency?


The vitamin D is fundamental to many aspects of Health and in this sense, a new scientific discovery has shown that the lack of vitamin D degenerates the function of the muscle in the organism of people.

This investigation has been carried out by the Garvan Institute for Medical Research Australia with mice, whose results determine that vitamin D deficiency may play an indispensable role in muscle function. By quantifying the concentrations of this micronutrient, the researchers evaluated the number of cellular mitochondria.

Therefore, this research concludes that “there is a clear relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle. They suggest that a deficiency of this vitamin decreases mitochondrial function, rather than reducing the number of mitochondria in skeletal muscle. ‘

What happens in the body due to lack of vitamin D

This new finding is just a new link between the importance of vitamin D and the functioning of the different structures that make up the human body. However, the deficiency of this micronutrient is a common condition in more than half of the population in Spain.

vitamin D muscle function
Muscle function

During the Covid-19 pandemic, different studies have determined the existence of a generalized lack of vitamin D among the population. In addition, low levels of this micronutrient have been associated with a worse prognosis against the Coronavirus.

Vitamin D deficiency is a worrying aspect for health and needs to be remedied as soon as possible. When a person is deficient in this micronutrient, they are not getting enough to keep the body healthy.

Causes of vitamin D deficiency and deficiency problems

The lack of vitamin D is not something random, but it has its origin and there are a series of factors why people can present a deficiency of this micronutrient in the body:

  • Not getting enough vitamin D in your weekly diet.
  • Problems to properly absorb this micronutrient from food.
  • Little sun exposure.
  • Health conditions in the liver or kidneys that do not allow this micronutrient to be converted into its active form.
  • Taking medications that hinder or prevent the body’s ability to absorb this vitamin.

With all this, a lack of vitamin D is detrimental to bone health. This fact is one of the main causes of the appearance of premature osteoporosis among the population. In addition, in children it can also cause rickets, another bone pathology.

vitamin D medication

Although, in recent years, researchers have linked vitamin D to different pathologies or conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, different types of cancer or multiple sclerosis. However, it is appropriate to continue researching these diseases and their relationship with this vitamin.

Now, one of the latest studies assures that the lack of vitamin D causes the deterioration of the muscular function. This is research tested only in mice, although the study authors will continue to investigate and search for possible alterations in people.

Sources of this vitamin

In any case, pharmacists, nutrition specialists or experts in endocrinology continue to emphasize the importance of raising awareness among the population about the importance of a good diet and adequate habits that allow having a strong vitamin and mineral structure.

And in this regard, vitamin D is one of the most important micronutrients. It is a vitamin that we can obtain through food, through exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or with vitamin supplements. Although, the main source of obtaining is the sun.

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