Vitiligo, these are the natural remedies to combat it


Although science has yet to find a cure against vitiligo, if there have been a lot of advances that have been made to be able to fight against this disease, offering a wide variety of products, techniques and home remedies that can be of much help, I already know to stop the advance as to treat it.

This time we will talk about home remedies that can help fight vitiligo, let’s remember that this is a autoimmune disease which causes the body’s immune system to attack skin cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for producing the melanin that pigments the skin, therefore a depigmentation.

How to treat vitiligo naturally?

Vitiligo, like any other disease, should be treated with a professional, in this case a dermatologist that can make a general evaluation and can plan a treatment, that is why when using home remedies we must have the supervision of this.

It is worth noting that the different treatments, whether by drugs or natural, usually have different effects and results in each person.

Black pepper

It is said that there is a relationship between black pepper and a stimulation of melanin production, this because it contains a substance known as piperine, which stimulates the generation of melanocytes.

The use of black pepper must be external, to prepare the remedy you must heat 200 g of olive oil over medium heat and add black pepper, letting it cook for 5 minutes.

Then it is allowed to cool and the oil is filtered, which we will apply on the affected area, although you can also choose to buy the different creams or oils with black pepper that today are offered by health food stores.

Wheat germ oil

This oil contains vitamin B and E that can help slow down depigmentation and prevent it from spreading to other areas.

To apply it, a little oil must be placed on a cotton ball and spread over the depigmented areas, leaving it to act for 5 minutes and then it must be covered so as not to expose it to the sun.


Some scientific studies assure that the papain found in this fruit can help to reactivate the cells responsible for the production of melanocytes, although it must be applied frequently in order to have positive results.

Papaya seeds have nutritional properties
Papaya chopped in half-pexels

It is enough to crush pulp of papaya until it forms a paste and apply it on the affected part until it dries, performing the procedure twice a day.

Red clay

Although there is still no solid scientific basis to support this home remedy, many people have used this clay to treat vitiligo, this because it is rich in copper, a mineral that has been linked to repigmentation. .

To prepare this home remedy, you should mix two tablespoons of red clay and one tablespoon of ginger to form a paste that afterwards should be placed on the affected area and left for approximately 15 minutes.

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