Vitamin C and other benefits of taking gazpacho in summer


The Gazpacho It is one of the treasures of the gastronomy Mediterranean. The ingredients of this dish originally from Andalusia provide important benefits to the Health and it is undoubtedly one of the most consumed dishes during the hot summer months. The vitamin C wave Vitamin A support your intake.

The Andalusian gazpacho recipe is made up of water, olive oil, vinegar, tomato, pepper, onion and cucumber on certain occasions. But without any doubt, the predominant ingredient in this preparation is gazpacho.

In Andalusia it is very common to have gazpacho on the beach, as a starter before lunch or even the next day after a long night, as its high water content helps hydrate the body and mitigate the effects of hangovers.

Benefits of drinking gazpacho in summer

In addition to having an incredible flavor, gazpacho is an ideal preparation to drink during the hot summer months. It has a high water content, in addition to vegetables and greens that help hydrate the body in the face of high temperatures.

vitamin C gazpacho

On the other hand, it is a preparation that is usually consumed cold, to provide freshness, in addition to the different nutrients contained in the ingredients used in the preparation of gazpacho; such as vitamin C, vitamin B6 or vitamin A.

In this line, the tomato is the main ingredient of any traditional gazpacho. It is a fruit made up of a large amount of water and carbohydrates. It is welcome to highlight its high content of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Specifically, for every 100 grams of tomato we are incorporating 60% of the recommended daily dose of this micronutrient into the body.

Thus, another of the fundamental foods of gazpacho is olive oil, considered by many gastronomy experts as ‘liquid gold’. In this sense, the tomato combined with olive oil causes a better absorption of lycopene in the body, being highly beneficial due to its antioxidant power.

Vitamin C in gazpacho

Other fundamental ingredients of gazpacho are red or green peppers. Both foods are an important source of vitamin C and vitamin B6. Although unknown to many people, peppers provide more vitamin C than oranges.

In addition, some common ingredients that are usually added to traditional gazpacho are onions, cucumber or garlic. All of them are foods with important health benefits, which combined in this preparation originally from Andalusia represent a vitamin boost in the summer season.

Finally, from the Spanish Nutrition Federation They emphasize that garlic is a source of minerals, highlighting phosphorus, potassium, iodine or vitamins such as vitamin B6.

For all these reasons, gazpacho is one of the most consumed preparations in Spain during the summer, since in addition to its particular flavor, it constitutes an important nutritive and hydration pump for the body.

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