This is the vitamin that has been key for singer Chenoa to lose weight


Sometimes we look for ‘magic’ or difficult routines to lose weight, which become a waste of time and sometimes also a waste of money. A) Yes, Chenoa shares a series of tricks including the vitamin D to lose weight.

The well-known singer Chenoa has recently become the face of the ‘Aquilea Silhouette’ campaign, whose motto is ‘Reflect your best silhouette’. It is a program aimed at losing pace carried out by said company, with the participation of Chenoa.

Thus, through a promotional video, Chenoa explains six keys so that losing weight does not involve a difficult job for the person who is proposed to her. Among these tips is to eat food sources of vitamin D or get better rest.

Vitamin D in Chenoa’s ‘diet’

One of the most important aspects of the Aquilea and Chenoa program is that it is not necessary to go on a diet. The important thing is to eat well and learn to carry out a series of eating habits throughout life.

Food Vitamin D
Vitamin D Food

In this sense, following a healthy and balanced diet helps you maintain your ideal weight, debuffs the body and provides a draining effect. In this sense, it is important to include fruits and vegetables such as pineapple and cucumber, whose diuretic power will allow the body to be deported and will promote weight loss.

To carry out a healthy habitual diet it is important that the presence of fruits and vegetables prevail over other types of food. Thus, as stated in Chenoa’s weight loss plan, it is essential to take products rich in vitamin D, such as eggs, dairy products and oily fish.

Likewise, it is also key to regularly introduce white meats, pasta, rice and paratas into the diet. On the other hand, we should limit the consumption of foods composed of saturated fats and that represent high levels of sugar, such as sugary soft drinks or industrial pastries.

Chenoa’s other keys to losing weight

In addition to following a balanced and healthy diet, with important prominence of fruits, vegetables and foods rich in vitamin D, it is necessary to follow another series of habits that will complement the diet and make the weight loss process an enjoyable path.

Among the keys that Chenoa exposes and that includes the plan of ‘Aquelia Silhouette ‘ highlights physical activity, a good level of hydration, adequate rest, managing stress, drinking green tea, artichoke or dandelions.

Exercising to lose weight is key and is part of any weight loss program, as it is the best formula to burn calories. However, although it is unknown, sleeping between 7 or 8 hours a day is essential for body and mind to be rested.

Lack of sleep will cause the body and mind to be more tired and therefore demand the intake of a greater amount of caloric elements. So, you know, rest well, do physical exercise and consume foods rich in vitamin D, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

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