This is the mineral that optimizes vitamin D levels


A group of researchers from USA discovered that a nutrient is able to optimize the state of the vitamin D in the body and optimize your levels. The study has been carried out by ‘Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center’.

Although this study was published in 2018 in ‘The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’. Thus, this time we rescued said research work to talk about the relationship between magnesium and vitamin D, two micronutrients that have an important relationship.

In addition, the study that concerns us offered revealing results. According to these researchers, magnesium has a regulatory effect on vitamin D levels in the body. That is to say, it is capable of increasing the levels in case of deficiency and reducing them in case they are too high.

In this trial, vitamin D was not associated with cardiovascular disease. However, the researchers continued to investigate the role of magnesium with cancer as part of the personalized study in the prevention of colorectal cancer. And it is that there are numerous voices that point to vitamin D as a possible treatment to prevent colon cancer.

One of the study’s lead authors, Martha Shrubsole, explains that “a lot of information about the relationship between vitamin D and colorectal cancer risk is debated that is based on observational studies compared to clinical trials. The information was mixed until now.

Relationship of magnesium and vitamin D

These researchers were interested in the role of magnesium because people synthesize vitamin D differently. “Magnesium deficiency stops the pathway for vitamin D synthesis and metabolism,” explains researcher Qi Dai.

vitamin D

Thus, the research work included the participation of 250 people at risk of developing colorectal cancer due to different risk factors. Thus, the researchers customized the doses of placebo and magnesium based on the reference dietary intake.

Unawareness of magnesium deficiency

Dr Shrubsole explains that “vitamin D insufficiency is something that has been recognized as a potential health problem on a fairly large scale in the United States and other countries.”

A concern that has increased considerably during the Covid-19 pandemic, where different studies have confirmed the generalized deficiency of vitamin D among the population.

However, the researchers in this study focus on the lack of knowledge that exists about magnesium deficiency in the body. “Besides vitamin D, magnesium deficiency is a little recognized problem. Up to 80 percent of people don’t get enough magnesium in a day to meet the recommended daily allowance (RDA) based on national estimates. ”

In this sense, to increase the levels of magnesium in the body, experts recommend increasing the intake of foods rich in this mineral. Some of the magnesium source foods are dark green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, beans, fatty fish, nuts, or avocados.

And is that having appropriate levels of magnesium could be reflected in an optimization of vitamin D levels in the body, according to this study.

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