This is how the end of the use of outdoor masks will affect your skin


The aesthetic expert Cristina Álvarez warns that, now that the face mask outdoors, it is necessary to take extreme care of the facial care routine. Paying special attention to hydration, nutrition and cleansing of the face. In this way, we will be able to avoid skin problems and stop premature aging of the skin. skin.

So that removing the mask does not have visible and irreversible effects on the face, Álvarez recommends taking into account a series of aspects. In the first place, it clarifies that “it is not the same sensitive as sensitized”. Since sensitive skin is a characteristic of the skin, but sensitization is due to external aggressions such as pollution, stress or less perspiration due to prolonged use of the mask.

“A common feature of sensitized skin is a dry, dehydrated appearance and a tight feeling,” he says. «When we remove the masks, our skin will have to add one more aggression, which is the effect of the sun. The protective barrier can be compromised and affect the visible appearance of the skin, ”says Álvarez.

When the hydrolipid barrier is not in optimal condition, the natural moisture levels become unbalanced and can cause flaking, dryness, opacity. And, in addition, accelerate the aging of the skin. For this reason, experts recommend reinforcing the hydration routine and in case of irritated skin, including an after-sun lotion that can soothe the skin while hydrating it.

Alert of the importance of always carrying sunscreen in your bag

Whatever the phototype of each person, the experts at the Cristina Álvarez clinics recommend choosing a high protection (SPF50) for these first days without a mask. «It is important to remember that proper protection requires several applications throughout the day, especially in the face and décolleté area, the most sensitive. Even if we are in the shade or we cover ourselves with a hat, we are still exposed to the effects of UV rays and therefore we must protect ourselves adequately, “suggests Alvarez.

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Likewise, in these first weeks, until the skin adapts to being exposed, very covering makeup and unctuous formulas should be avoided. “Taking advantage of the summer, we can replace the makeup foundation with a tinted sunscreen. If you continue to opt for makeup, it is best if it is fluid with an ultralight texture. And of course, extreme cleaning to purify and oxygenate the skin, essential at this time to avoid irritation “, explains Álvarez.

Age, the main factor for the genetic appearance of skin cancer

The Research Group on the Evolution of the Cancer Genome of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castellón, has directed an international study on skin cancer. Whose main conclusion is that age is the factor that explains most of the genetic mutations associated with the appearance and development of the different cancerous tumors that affect the skin.

The samples were collected in 2019 and their analysis was carried out during 2020. According to the result, indicates the director of the research, “age explains 55.16% of the mutations.” While the skin phototype, if it is lighter or darker, with up to six degrees identified, is behind 17.92%.

Summer is an ideal time of year to sunbathe and improve our vitamin D levels. However, it is advisable to limit sun exposure. Since it could be harmful in different aspects and is considered the main factor for the development of skin cancer.

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