This is how the consumption of vitamin C influences liver health


The liver It’s one of the vital organs most important parts of the body. Without the liver, the human being could not live, since its functions include regulating most of the chemicals that circulate in the blood. Thus, to take care of this organ it is essential to perform a balanced diet and rich in vitamin C.

Among other functions, the liver also helps to break down the steps for digestion and subsequent absorption. Having a liver in good condition is synonymous with health and for this it is convenient to eat a healthy diet; as well as avoiding elements that may be harmful.

And it is that nutrition is an elemental factor for the health of the whole organism and consequently it is also fundamental for all the organs that compose it. Thanks to diet and healthy habits we can avoid the appearance of diseases related to the kidney.

Vitamin C and other essential foods for the liver

Given the importance of the liver for the body, we must do everything possible to take care of its condition. Something that we can easily do through a good diet and incorporating foods rich in vitamin C or vitamin A.

liver vitamin C

And it is that the liver helps eliminate toxins by filtering the blood, eliminates alcohol, secretes bile, participates in the correct metabolism of nutrients and serves as a warehouse for numerous vitamins.

In this sense, the most suitable foods for good liver health are those that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C. Similarly, foods with vitamin A are also very beneficial, as they prevent the aging of cells.

On the other hand, foods with a good amount of healthy fats are also recommended. One of the most suitable in this regard may be avocados.

Fruits and vegetables should not be lacking in a good diet for liver care, since a correct supply of fiber is also very convenient. Garlic is another ideal product for its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Broccoli also stands out among the most appropriate foods, since it is a source of vitamin C and vitamin A; as well as the lemon that constitutes an important antioxidant power.

How does alcohol consumption affect the liver?

To take care of the liver, it is not only necessary to carry out a healthy diet that provides important doses of vitamin C, vitamin A or fiber. If not, it is also essential to avoid harmful habits for this organ.

In this sense, alcohol intake has historically been linked to the vast majority of liver diseases. And it is that this organ has the mission of metabolizing toxins in the body. That is, alcoholic beverages are metabolized by the liver.

This causes an overexertion for this organ and a harmful effect on the organism. On the other hand, alcohol provides empty calories and no essential micronutrients.

For this reason, specialists emphasize the importance of not normalizing alcohol intake as a regular day-to-day habit. The consumption of alcoholic beverages does not have any health benefits, but it does have significant risks.

In this sense, in the event of any disease related to liver it is essential to eliminate alcohol. The kidneys are other organs that also suffer significantly from alcohol consumption.

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