This is how María Pedraza incorporates this vitamin into her diet


Maria Pedraza She is one of the Spanish actresses with the greatest future in the world of acting. Although, to take care of your physique and Health, the Madrid actress is aware of the importance of carrying out a feeding that incorporates micronutrients such as vitamin C.

Besides being a magnificent actress, as she has already shown in ‘La Casa de Papel’, ‘Elite’ or ‘Toy Boy’ or ‘The summer we live’; María Pedraza is also considered one of the most beautiful actresses and with the best figure on the Spanish scene.

And this is not the product of chance. María Pedraza is a sports girl, who likes to do physical exercise regularly to feel good and take care of her line. In addition to sports, the Madrid-born actress also follows a ‘healthy’ diet.

Currently, due to the digital age and social networks, there are many famous personalities who share with all their followers some eating habits or advice on certain daily matters.

This is María Pedraza’s healthy breakfast with vitamin C

To start the day with energy, María Pedraza uses a very complete breakfast that provides her with significant doses of vitamin C and even vitamin D. It is not the first time that the Madrid actress shares these eating habits through her social networks. On previous occasions, María Pedraza also showed how she includes vitamin D in her diet.

breakfast by María Pedraza
Maria Pedraza’s breakfast

María Pedraza’s ‘healthy’ breakfast that helps her show off a flat stomach is made up of a slice of bread with avocado, egg and spices. It is a formula chosen by many celebrities to start the day and that has created a trend among society.

In addition to this appetizing slice, Maria Pedraza It also includes in its breakfast a good variety of fruits full of properties for the organism. In this case, in the last image published on Instagram we can see different servings of watermelon, kiwi, red berries and banana.

Banana, for example, is rich in important substances for the body, such as vitamin B6, tryptophan and potassium, iron and magnesium, also related to humor.

Thus, one of the star fruits it uses is kiwi, which contains almost twice as much vitamin C as orange. In addition, it is a food that benefits a healthier intestinal transit due to the important doses of fiber it provides.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with multiple benefits for skin health, among other functions. So kiwi is an ideal food to start the day with strength and energy.

María Pedraza and Álex González

Since she broke her relationship with Jaime Lorente at the beginning of 2021, María Pedraza has been linked with Marc Márquez and other celebrities of today.

Maria Pedraza
Maria Pedraza

However, it seems that the Madrid actress has started a romantic idyll with the actor Álex González, with whom she has shared filming in recent months. Both actors, with great recognition in Spain, are part of the cast of the second season of ‘Toy Boy’, which will be released soon.

Thus, it seems that María Pedraza has found love again and is still very focused on her next professional commitments. At only 25 years old, the Madrilenian is one of the most sought-after actresses of the moment in Spain.


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