This application can save the life of epilepsy patients


The epilepsy is a disorder of the Health that affects the nervous system central (neurological) and in which brain activity is altered, causing seizures, unusual sensations and sometimes loss of consciousness. It belongs to the field of neurology.

Anyone can develop epilepsy, as it affects both men and women of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Due to the characteristics of this condition, its prevention is important, but especially its action after an epileptic seizure; since this fact could save hundreds of lives.

And in this context appears ‘LepsiApp’ a mobile application developed by ‘Neuroxphram’ intended for people with epilepsy and with the primary objective of saving lives. However, this application can only be accessed with the invitation of a neurologist.

In addition, it is currently in the testing phase, although the first results in this regard are beginning to be encouraging. The developers hope that it can be ready by September or October of this year and hopes to be an innovative application in terms of patient protection.

‘LepsiApp’, aimed at improving the lives of patients with epilepsy

The ‘LepsiApp’ application will have different functionalities that serve as protection for patients with epilepsy. One of its most striking elements is an ‘SOS’ button that could save many lives.

epilepsy patient
epilepsy patient

It is true that there are other devices or applications that also incorporate a similar button. However, the one in this app hopes to be a bit more innovative in the field of neurology.

Before understanding how the application works, it is necessary to know what auras are. Well, these are small signs that begin to occur in the focus of the brain and that can alert the patient that an epileptic seizure could occur. This could prepare the patient to act in the event of an epileptic seizure.

Therefore, in the period of time that elapses between the appearance of the ‘auras’ and the seizure of epilepsy, the patient must activate the emergency button of the application. But how does this button work?

The ‘SOS’ button of the ‘LepsiApp’ application is designed to activate a countdown with the time estimated by the patient. Once the counter reaches zero, from that application it will notify a series of contacts that have been previously established.

Thus, the people we have previously selected will instantly receive an e-mail or message with your coordinates. In this way, this application fulfills a double function in the field of neurology.

On the one hand, it is capable of alerting and asking for help in the event of an epileptic seizure and, on the other hand, it also alerts loved ones so that it can be contacted later and know the patient’s health status.

In autumn it will be available

This innovative application for people with epilepsy will hit the market in the fall of 2021, around September or October of this year. Its creators have high hopes for the development of ‘LepsiApp’.

It is an important invention, since epileptic seizures can appear at any moment and are difficult to prevent. Although, it is true that there are some risk factors such as stress or diet that cause these episodes.

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