These are the health benefits of collagen


The collagen and the vitamin C are the two most important substances for skin health. Together they help to improve the elasticity and radiance of the skin, although the absence of these elements can be detrimental to the skin’s well-being.

Having adequate levels of vitamin C causes the body to have a greater capacity to produce collagen. And it is that this substance is manufactured properly by the body throughout life, although as we age we lose production capacity.

That is, having high levels of vitamin C favors the production of collagen and therefore affects the health of the skin, delaying aging. For this reason, cosmetic and lotion firms incorporate these two elements in their different formulas.

In addition, some ‘celebrities’ like Jennifer Aniston have created a collagen supplement line. Collagen supplements are becoming increasingly popular with famous personalities and people who have a passion for taking care of their skin.

We saw a last example with Carmen Lomana, who also opts for collagen supplements to complement a diet in which vitamin C and healthy products are not lacking.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein manufactured by the body itself and whose main function is to hold its different structures together. It works like a kind of glue on the human body. And it is that thanks to this substance, the skin has the ability to heal wounds.

This is how collagen works in the body

Specifically, collagen has the mission of uniting the connective tissues of the body; such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones, adipose tissue, organs or cartilage. Thus, this protein is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the structures they make up.

And it is that collagen is much more than a substance to keep the skin healthy and delay its aging. As we have been able to verify, it is a protein of great importance for the body, since it acts as a support for the different structures.

In addition, the main source of collagen is the body itself. One way to increase the body’s production is to consume foods rich in vitamin C, as it will provide a greater capacity to manufacture this substance.

Although, there are also foods that include a certain amount of collagen, such as pork or fish. However, the dose that we incorporate into the body through food is very limited. For this reason, the use of supplements that incorporate this protein is becoming more and more common among the population.

Collagen benefits for health and supplementation

Having adequate collagen production in the body or taking supplements of this protein can have important health benefits. The best known are its positive effects on the skin, but collagen is much more.

Due to its characteristics, collagen is essential for good wound healing, as well as preventing joint pain and muscle-type injuries.

In addition, different studies have found that collagen also helps improve bone health and helps delay bone breakdown.

As for collagen supplements, their use is becoming more widespread among the population. And the truth is that it can help improve the health of the skin, as well as strengthen the different muscular structures of the body.

However, it is convenient that this supplementation has the supervision of a medical specialist. In addition, more studies are required to know how the collagen supplement works once ingested.

Finally, keep in mind that some people can develop different types of side effects due to taking collagen supplements; such as allergic reactions or stomach pain.

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