The next ‘Apple Watch’ will measure blood glucose levels


The new technologies they do not stop surprising us and the giant ‘Manzana’ wants to take a step forward with its next new generation of Smart Watches. And it is that everything indicates that the following ‘Apple Watch’ that we will see in the market will be able to measure the blood glucose levels and fever.

Technology arises to make people’s lives easier. Thus, everything that is to incorporate tools that help in matters of health are welcome. In this case, the new ‘Apple Watch’ would be an ideal element for people with diabetes.

However, one of the handicaps of this Apple device is its high price. That is, it is not affordable for the common population.

In any case, the famous broken apple company continues to work on new sensors that are capable of measuring fever and blood glucose in its new smart watches.

Blood glucose and fever meter

Apple wants to go a step further in its ‘Apple Watch’ device. Once these watches have practically all possible mobile functions, the company is ambitious and hopes that its device will also be an innovative element in the field of health.

Apple Watch blood glucose
Apple watch

In this sense, the company founded by Steve Jobs has always seen in Apple Watch an appropriate device to monitor the health and improve the well-being of users. And in this line they continue working from the company.

Everything indicates that this year 2021 will see the light of the generation of ‘Apple Watch 7’. However, as indicated by the companions of ‘Computer Today’, experts do not expect great news in these new smart watches.

Apple Watch Series 8, the revolution

Thus, everything indicates that the great revolution and the most ambitious project of smart watches will arrive in the year 2022 with ‘Apple Watch Series 8’. It will be in this edition where the company incorporates a temperature meter to detect possible fever in the user.

But in addition, it also intends to add a blood glucose meter, which will allow patients with diabetes to monitor blood glucose values ​​through their smart watch. It is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects of Manzana.

Thus, Apple would achieve with its device a sensor capable of measuring blood glucose levels without the need to use a needle stick typical of conventional glucometers.

However, some experts prefer to be more cautious and warn that this process could take a few years longer than expected. When it comes to health, Apple cannot fail and the goal is to establish a reliable device that is capable of accurately measuring blood glucose.

One of the major drawbacks that companies face is the small size of the Apple Watch and the way in which it would integrate the sensors to carry out these health tasks.

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