The importance of extreme glycemic control in summer


The summer It is a time of year when temperatures rise considerably, so it is necessary to take a series of precautions around the ultraviolet sun rays. Also people with diabetes, since the heat increases the blood glucose levels in the body.

In addition to adequately protecting ourselves from the sun to prevent skin cancer or burns in the skin area, it is necessary to take into account other indications in summer. Thus, people with diabetes must exercise extreme glycemic control.

The summer’s own heat causes dehydration and consequently generates an increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood. This is something that affects everyone, but can be especially dangerous for people with diabetes.

The effects of heat on people with diabetes

People with diabetes are included in those risk groups that must take a series of precautions in summer due to heat and high temperatures. Therefore, even if you are not thirsty, experts recommend drinking two liters of water a day.

Person with diabetes heat
Diabetic person with heat

High temperatures can cause dehydration in people and alter blood glucose levels in the body. Thus, this phenomenon can lead to an episode of hyperglycemia.

Specifically, as indicated by the Diabetes Foundation, the heat influences the absorption of insulins, which can cause an alteration in blood glucose values. In this sense, the least affected people are those treated with an insulin pump.

In addition, during the summer many people tend to vary their lifestyle habits. And it is that patients with diabetes must have a very marked diet, physical exercise and medication.

Therefore, if a person knows that he is going to modify his routine in summer for the holidays, he should notify his doctor to change the medication or establish new mechanisms to control the disease if necessary. It is a way to avoid any problems related to this pathology.

Measures to control blood glucose in summer

To maintain adequate glycemic control during the summer months and minimize the impact of the heat, patients with diabetes should follow a series of healthy habits as a preventive measure.

hydration summer heat
Person hydrating

An essential aspect is to drink at least two liters of water a day. This is a recommended habit for anyone at any time of the year. However, during the summer it becomes an essential measure and mainly for patients with diabetes.

Each treatment and healthy habits must be adjusted to each person individually. Although, it is important to note that isotonic drinks are very appropriate for people with diabetes who tend to exercise regularly.

This type of drink contains minerals and water, in addition to adding a glucose concentration of 6-7 grams per 100 ml; being suitable for people with diabetes.

Finally, it is important to know that during the hot summer months, it is sometimes necessary to modify the insulin dose and even its type.

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