Socorro Martínez, national benchmark for the first Post Covid Rehabilitation Unit


The pandemic of Covid-19 It has forced us to bring out the best in society in order to overcome the critical moment that the whole world has gone through. One of the people who has fought the most against the ravages of the pandemic has been Socorro Martinez, head of the Post COVID Rehabilitation Unit of the Benito Menni Hospital Center of Valladolid, who has been chosen by the MagasIN publication of El Español as one of the leading women in our country for her professional career, her achievements and her desire to excel.

The magazine MagasIN highlights the important role of women, publishing an extensive report on Socorro Martínez, who is a Rehabilitation doctor and in April 2020 launched the first Post-COVID Rehabilitation Unit in Spain. This project has the award for the Best Initiative in Private Hospital in Spain.

In fact, in addition to launching this pioneering Unit and treating all kinds of sequelae of patients who had suffered Covid, some as novel as hallucinations, the Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM) is part of the medical team. Likewise, she is a Rehabilitation Physician at the Food Cultural Classroom of Valladolid and collaborates with the Royal Spanish Federation of Physical Disability in national competitions.

MagasIN was born in March 2020 with the aim of making visible the achievements of women who play a fundamental role in society. Helicopter pilots, paleontologists, cardiology chiefs, managers, chefs, senior officials in the Army, astrophysicists, presidents of Denominations of Origin or judges have been the protagonists of these reports.

Post COVID Rehabilitation Unit, the first in Spain

The Post-COVID Rehabilitation Unit of the Benito Menni Hospital Center, in the hands of Socorro Martínez, achieved an important advance during the pandemic in Spain, being the first in the country to specialize in the recovery of patients who cannot lead a normal life after overcoming illness due to sequelae. 124 patients have passed through it.

Covid-19 patient rehabilitation
Covid-19 patient rehabilitation

The intervention with the users is approached from different areas with a team of professionals that brings together psychologists, speech therapists, rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists or neuropsychologists, among other specialties. All of them are responsible for addressing sequelae that range from problems with speaking, swallowing or walking to alterations in vision, balance, memory or reasoning.

2020 Award for the Best Initiative in a private hospital in Spain

ABC Salud awarded in 2020 the Prize for the Best Private Initiative in Spain, in an act chaired by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. After deliberation by a prestigious jury made up of: the oncologist Ana Lluch, the ophthalmologist Luis Fernández-Vega, the neurologist José Obeso, the surgeon Pedro Cavadas, the expert in Legal Medicine, Ángel Carracedo, the cardiologist Valentín Fuster, and Ana Pastor, vice president of Congress, who acted as president of the jury.

About the Benito Menni Hospital Center

The Benito Menni Hospital Center of Valladolid is a private non-profit institution, belonging to the Congregation of Hospital Sisters, which has been operating in the city since 1972. It currently has 250 places in the areas of mental health, psychogeriatrics, palliative care, physical and neurological convalescence and dependency care.

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