Sara Carbonero’s green juice that provides energy and cares for the skin


The feeding it is part of everyone’s life. Although not everyone carries out an adequate diet, negatively affecting their Health. In this sense a simple juice or daily shake could bring vitality to our body.

Nutrition is essential for good health. A balanced and healthy diet allows you to live longer and age better. Thus, it is important to incorporate all kinds of foods rich in different vitamins into our diet on a recurring basis.

The digital age has brought a highly beneficial aspect of good nutrition. And it is that many famous people or ‘celebrities’ use their social networks to show their followers some of their daily eating habits.

And it is that sometimes, the advice of a ‘celebrity’ has greater force for the population than that of a nutritionist. For example, watching Cristiano Ronaldo drink a beet juice will reinforce the thinking of thousands of people about the benefits of drinking beet juice.

Sara Carbonero’s beneficial green juice

The last example we have seen with the journalist Sara carbonero, who has recently broken his relationship with former footballer Iker Casillas. This communication professional has a great tendency to take care of her physique and especially her health.

green juice Sara Carbonero
Sara Carbonero drinking her ‘Hulk’ juice

Thus, some time ago Sara Carbonero offered all her Instagram followers an advisable recipe for green juice, with anti-inflammatory and purifying powers and that provides great energy to the body.

Sara Carbonero popularly referred to this green juice as ‘Hulk’s juice’, which is composed of cucumber, coriander, ginger, apple and kale.

In this sense, the Integrative Health coach of WOmum Madrid, he assured in the magazine ‘Hello!’ that this Sara Carbonero juice has important vitamins and minerals, thanks to the different products it uses to make it.

Properties of Sara Carbonero’s green juice

One of the key foods in Sara Carbonero’s famous green juice is ginger, a food that is increasingly used in the gastronomic world and also has important health properties. These include vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Green juice Sara Carbonero
Green juice of Sara Carbonero

Due to its magnificent properties, ginger is an ideal food to treat gastrointestinal conditions and respiratory diseases.

For its part, the apple is one of the fruits with the greatest health benefits. They have a large amount of sharpness and are rich in fiber. In addition, due to its characteristics, it is a food with satiating power that is great to use in diets aimed at losing weight.

Although, Kale is the most unknown food of all that Sara Carbonero uses for her green juice recipe. But it really is a type of kale rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A. In addition, it also provides a good amount of fiber and hardly contributes calories to the body.

In conclusion, Sara Carbonero’s green juice constitutes a healthy preparation, with multiple properties and that has important health benefits.

Although, as a last piece of advice, specialists in the field of nutrition advise consuming it first thing in the morning due to the cleansing effect it has on the body and the energy and vitality it provides to face the day.


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