Maria’s rice pudding and matcha tea recipe, from MasterChef 9


Combine flavors in the gastronomy It is one of the most beneficial modern advances in the kitchen. If, in addition, we are able to mix a traditional dessert and a healthy product such as matcha tea, the combination is perfect. And this is what he has done Maria Morales, aspiring to MasterChef 9.

María Morales, 27 years old and born in Tomelloso, is one of the most beloved aspirants of MasterChef 9, especially for his way of being and his passion for cooking. However, in program six he had to leave the kitchens after a failed test. Although he will have a new chance in the repechage test.

Thus, one of the elaborations that cost María the most were desserts. However, it seems that after his time at MasterChef, Tomellosera has continued working and perfecting his kitchen.

Maria MasterChef 9
Maria, contestant on Master Chef 9

In this sense, he has delighted all his followers on Instagram with a magnificent recipe for rice pudding and matcha tea. A traditional dessert that incorporates one of the healthy foods in fashion among society, due to its multiple benefits for the body.

Maria-style rice pudding and matcha tea recipe, from MasterChef 9

Through her Instagram account, María wanted to share with all her followers an innovative recipe for rice pudding and matcha tea. Although, it also offers the possibility of not adding matcha tea, for those who prefer the original flavor.

The aspiring Castellanomanchega has shown in simple steps that she really has a hand for the kitchen and that even desserts no longer resist.


To prepare the rice pudding and matcha tea recipe for four people, María informs us of the ingredients that we will need:

  • Whole milk | 1 liter
  • Rice 100 grams
  • Lemon peels
  • Sugar 75 grams
  • Cinnamon stick

With these ingredients we could already make the traditional recipe for rice pudding. Although, to make the version with matcha tea it is necessary to use the same ingredients, same steps, but adding at the same time as the sugar, the powdered matcha tea dissolved in a jet of hot milk.

Preparation of rice pudding and matcha tea

Once we have all the ingredients, we have to get down to work to make this delicious recipe for rice pudding and matcha tea. The aspiring Maria, from MasterChef 9, offers us the recipe step by step:

1. The first step will be to pour the milk, rice, husks and cinnamon into a saucepan. We must not incorporate the yellow part of the lemon.

2. We stir constantly until the mixture is hot, but without boiling abundantly.

3. Once it has caught the heat, without boiling, we move every five minutes so that the rice releases the starch.

4. After 40 minutes, add the sugar and continue stirring. Next, we cook for 10 more minutes, but be careful not to let the sugar burn.

5. Optionally we can turn off the heat and add a little butter, condensed milk or cream. This step will add creaminess to the preparation, but also more calories.

6. Finally, let it rest for a few hours and serve with ground cinnamon.

For the version of rice pudding and matcha tea, it is necessary to add the powdered matcha tea dissolved in a stream of milk at the same time as the sugar, in step 4 of the preparation of this striking recipe.

María Morales, aspiring MasterChef 9, incorporates matcha tea into one of the traditional recipes par excellence


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