How to select the best vitamin C serum for your skin


The vitamin C It’s one of the micronutrients most important for Health. Its functions include the care of the skin, so there are numerous serum and cosmetics that incorporate this micronutrient in their formula.

Among other things, vitamin C helps fight free radicals that cause oxidative damage to the skin. But in addition, having optimal levels of this vitamin also stimulates the production of collagen, being this essential substance in the health of the skin.

Collagen helps keep skin elastic, healthy and smooth. Although, thanks to this substance, the skin has the ability to heal. But the body does not always have the same ability to produce collagen, it is something that deteriorates with aging.

Therefore, having optimal vitamin C values ​​will be reflected in a greater production of collagen by the body and therefore with healthier skin.

Best skin serum

Each skin has specific characteristics, so it is necessary to select either cosmetic products or serum to apply depending on the skin’s needs.

vitamin C serum

A facial serum is a product characterized by its high concentration of active ingredients and its rapid absorption and penetration into the skin. Depending on their composition, it can reach deeper layers of the skin. In addition, the serums have a non-greasy finish that allows the subsequent application of cosmetic treatment.

Thus, since ‘Vogue’ offer a series of tips to select the most suitable vitamin C serum in relation to the needs of each skin.

The skin not only ages due to age, since today other external factors that also influence skin deterioration; like the sun, pollution or tobacco. An effective option is pure vitamin C, being a perfect element to combat the signs of aging.

Three uses of vitamin C for facial skin

However, it should be noted that not all cosmetics with vitamin C are the same or act in the same way on the skin. An important detail is that any serum or cosmetic based on this vitamin must be formulated with a ‘pH’ below 3.5 and a concentration between 10 and 25 percent.

Here are the three most common uses for vitamin C serums:

  1. Vitamin C to combat the signs of aging globally. It is when the skin offers loss of luminosity, appearance of wrinkles or fine lines and loss of firmness. In these cases it is convenient to bet on a serum that combines vitamin C and ferulic acid.
  2. To prevent and treat stains. In skin with a tendency to hyperpigmentation or the appearance of spots, it is advisable to use serum or cosmetics made up of vitamin C and Phloretin. It will help speed up cell regeneration and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Vitamin C to treat oily or acne-prone skin: In these cases it is ideal to use compounds that combine this vitamin with silymarin. Minimizes the appearance of pores, improves texture and protects against environmental factors. On the other hand, it brings luminosity and fights the signs of aging.

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