El Benito Menni launches the first post-Covid Rehabilitation Unit in Castilla y León


The first Outpatient Unit in Castilla y León for the rehabilitation of patients who continue to suffer from the aftermath of Covid-19 it is already a reality. The Benito Menni Hospital Center of Valladolid has become a pioneer in the care of patients who have overcome the Covid, but they still need a last push to recover their life in full.

The most common sequelae of Covid are problems speaking, eating, breathing, lack of mobility, hallucinations and cognitive impairment with alterations in memory, learning, perception or language.

According to the center’s estimates, 90% of hospitalized COVID patients and 80% of the total suffer some type of consequence after overcoming the virus, such as fatigue, headache, respiratory distress, hair loss, concentration difficulties, and prolonged loss of sense of taste.

In this way, this Ambulatory Unit is also intended for patients who have been in quarantine or sick at home and have seen their independence or quality of life reduced. As well as for those who have received rehabilitation and want to continue improving their functional abilities.

In the same way, patients who require psychological help, people with mental health problems or who have complications derived from COVID such as stroke, neuropathies, or cardiorespiratory, sensory and motor conditions, among others, are cared for.

For the recovery of these people, the Benito Menni Hospital Center has a multidisciplinary team made up of rehabilitation doctors, family doctors, neuropsychologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists.

El Benito Menni has the first Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Unit in Spain

The Post-COVID Rehabilitation Unit of the Benito Menni Hospital Center was the first in Spain to specialize in the recovery of patients who cannot lead a normal life after overcoming the disease due to the sequelae.

respiratory physiotherapy covid-19 cystic fibrosis
Respiratory rehabilitation for Covid-19

124 patients have passed through it. The intervention with the users is approached from different areas with a team of professionals that brings together psychologists, speech therapists, rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists or neuropsychologists, among other specialties.

All of them are responsible for addressing sequelae that range from problems with speaking, swallowing or walking to alterations in vision, balance, memory or reasoning.

2020 Award for the Best Initiative in a private hospital in Spain

ABC Salud awarded in 2020 the Prize for the Best Private Initiative in Spain, in an act chaired by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. After deliberation by a prestigious jury made up of: the oncologist Ana Lluch, the ophthalmologist Luis Fernández-Vega, the neurologist José Obeso, the surgeon Pedro Cavadas, the expert in Legal Medicine, Ángel Carracedo, the cardiologist Valentín Fuster, and Ana Pastor, vice president of Congress, who acted as president of the jury.

The Benito Menni Hospital Center of Valladolid is a private non-profit institution, belonging to the Congregation of Hospital Sisters, which has been operating in the city since 1972. It currently has 250 places in the areas of mental health, psychogeriatrics, palliative care, physical and neurological convalescence and dependency care.

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