Effects of summer and heat on blood pressure


People with blood pressure high may suffer a drop in normal levels in summer. And it is that in summer, the pressure can fluctuate considerably throughout the day. To avoid possible health problems as a result of these unevenness, it is best to have an exhaustive control of our body. Therefore, it is worth consulting with our family doctor and eliminating future difficulties.

Heat has a vasodilating effect on our cardiovascular system. For this reason, in the months with higher temperatures, our blood pressure can be less elevated than in other times of the year with colder. Experts say that 30% of hypertensive people suffer a decrease in blood pressure in the summer months. Although you should never trust data on a global scale. It is best to consult our health status with a specialist.

One of the reasons this can happen is because of the altitude of the sea. If we spend long periods on the beach, it can help reduce blood pressure. In addition, another factor that affects these irregularities is the reduction of stress due to the vacation periods typical of these months.

How do you know you have low blood pressure and how to avoid it?

In the event that you are taking medication for hypertension, it is best to ask your doctor if you should lower the dose. In these cases, you may not have to rely on pills to lower your blood pressure. In addition, it can even harm your health if your body itself works in a different way. Still, always follow the instructions of the specialists who will know what your specific needs are.

To be able to be calm in summer and enjoy without thinking about controlling your blood pressure, there are some recommendations that you can follow.

  1. Set alarms on your mobile if in summer you are more prone to forgetting to take your daily dose. In the summer we tend to change our schedules, therefore it is more likely that we do not have that routine.
  2. Drink lots of water and always stay hydrated.
  3. If you have hypertension, control the meals outside the home and the amount of alcohol you drink. In summer we can exceed the consumption of alcoholic beverages and this will only harm your cardiovascular health.
  4. Choose the first hours of the day or the last hours of the night to go for walks and activate your metabolism.
  5. Finally, avoid tobacco and foods rich in salt. These two things are bad for anyone, but if you suffer from high blood pressure even more so.
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Diet to control diabetes controls blood pressure

New research has shown that if people achieve significant weight loss and maintain it to control their type 2 diabetes, they can also effectively manage high blood pressure problems. In addition, it also influences you to stop or reduce your antihypertensive medication.

This study looked at 143 people who started the diet program, of whom more than half (78 people) were taking high blood pressure pills at first (and 44 were taking two or more medications). The researchers found that, in general, mean blood pressure dropped steadily as people lost weight. And blood pressure was still lower after the formula diet period ended. And then at 12 and 24 months.

The researcher explains that the study “shows that, in addition to the possible remission of type 2 diabetes, there are other very important health benefits. Since weight loss is a very effective treatment for hypertension and its associated serious health risks.

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