Do you get stains from using vitamin C in summer?


The vitamin C is one of the most important nutritional elements for Health of the skin. Therefore, it is a common ingredient in any cosmetic or lotion destined to the care of the dermis; beyond being able to incorporate it into the body through different foods.

However, for years there has been a popular belief that using cosmetics with vitamin C in summer is not suitable. Specifically, many people think that this micronutrient is incompatible with sunlight and summer.

This belief occurs because vitamin C is thought to be photosensitive and there are numerous creams or serums that use an acidic pH for their formulation with this micronutrient.

Thus, from ‘Todo Disca’ we deny that vitamin C or any cosmetic that incorporates this vitamin is incompatible with the sun’s rays. And it is that this micronutrient occupies a double function when it comes to the health of the skin in the body.

On the one hand, it helps fight free radicals that oxidize the skin. And on the other hand, having good levels of vitamin C causes a greater production of collagen, this being another transcendental substance for skin well-being.

Vitamin C prevents blemishes

Contrary to what many people may think, vitamin C is a micronutrient that helps reduce sun damage and treat skin blemishes. Therefore, using products that incorporate this vitamin in summer is not contraindicated; if not rather the opposite.

vitamin C
vitamin for skin

Vitamin C reduces the amount of melanin we have in the skin and therefore acts preventively, but also works as a corrector to combat sun spots that may appear.

In these cases, the most suitable products are those made with a vitamin C formula and a neutral pH. But in addition to knowing how to select the cosmetic, it is also important to know its use when we expose the skin to the sun.

An important contribution is that the ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy the vitamin C present in the skin. The greater the exposure to the sun, the greater the need to increase the levels of this micronutrient.

Thus, experts recommend using products with vitamin C at two specific times: Before applying a sunscreen on the skin or after exposure to the sun.

And in this regard it is important to highlight that exposure to the sun’s rays must always be moderate, since prolonged sunbathing can generate important health conditions; like skin cancer.

The best time of day to use

When we use a product composed of vitamin C and neutral pH, which will be highly beneficial for the skin, it is advisable to do it in the morning. And it is that this formula works as a protector against harmful external agents such as the sun, pollution or alcohol.

Thus, this type of formula is recommended for all people. In the elderly it prevents the appearance of spots and slows down the aging of the skin. This is because it also stimulates collagen, protects against cellular oxidation, and minimizes inflammation.

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