Dangers of excess vitamin B12 in the body


The b12 vitamin is a transcendental micronutrient for Health of people. It is part of the vitamin B complex and has important implications in the body, such as its participation in the formation of Red blood cells and elaboration of DNA cells.

It is a vitamin that is mainly found in foods of animal origin, for which some people find it difficult to have adequate levels of this micronutrient in the body. As a general rule, vitamin B12 deficiency is caused by a deficient intake or a malabsorption of the vitamin.

Thus, the lack of vitamin B12 can be reflected in symptoms of weakness, tiredness, numbness of hands and feet or fatigue. However, the most serious condition that can cause the excessive absence of this micronutrient is the appearance of megaloblastic anemia.

Consequences of excess vitamin B12 intake

Both the excess and the deficiency of vitamin B12 can have consequences on people’s health, although given the choice, it is better to sin at high levels than to present deficient values ​​in the body.

vitamin B12 injection
Vitamin B12 injection

It is unusual to register cases of vitamin B12 overdose, although there have been some situations that have generated certain health complications, such as the appearance of acne or the worsening of kidney diseases.

Even vitamin B12 supplements taken by mouth are considered safe in high doses. Thus, most cases of excess of this vitamin have been produced by an administration by injection of high concentrations.

According to experts, these are some of the effects that the effect of vitamin B12 can cause in the body:

  • Acne.
  • Anxiety.
  • Headache,
  • insomnia.
  • Palpitations
  • Impaired kidney function in people with previous illnesses.
  • Alterations in the intestinal microbiota.

How to avoid a vitamin overdose

It is necessary to emphasize that excess vitamin B12 is very rare in society, although that does not mean that it cannot occur. Therefore, in order not to fall into an overdose of any kind, it is convenient to carry out a series of prevention measures such as these:

  • Get this vitamin always from food, except for justified exceptions.
  • Be alert to a possible symptom related to an excess of this micronutrient
  • Take a blood test from time to time.
  • Always consult a medical specialist before starting any supplementation of this vitamin.

Usually, people who take vitamin B12 supplements are those who find it difficult to obtain this vitamin through diet or have problems with its proper absorption.

This is the case of people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, since this vitamin is only found in foods of animal origin. Thus, through the following link you will be able to find out which people are more prone to developing vitamin B12 deficiency.

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