Contraindications of abusing matcha tea


The matcha tea It is a fashionable food among the society. And the truth is that this green tea of ​​oriental origin has important Benefits for the Health of people. However, like practically any habit, abusing it has some contraindications.

This green tea of ​​oriental origin comes from Japan. However, in recent years it has become a widely used ingredient among famous personalities and people who want to take important nutritional care.

Although, this time we are not going to talk about the positive effects of matcha tea for health. And it is also convenient to know some contraindications of abusing its consumption; since some people have developed a true addiction for this product.

Drinking matcha tea in excess can cause different symptoms, especially to those who start its consumption. Especially, all these symptoms are related to the digestive system, as it is a food with specific properties.

Due to the important antioxidants it contains, such as tonines, some symptoms may appear in the digestive system. Toninos are also present in red wine and coffee.

Thus, it is important to observe how our body reacts to the consumption of matcha tea, because it could be that at first it does not feel as good as we expect.

Tannins sometimes cause the production of acids that mix with some of the digestive system and this can generate a bitter aftertaste, acid reflux, nausea or vomiting.

Tips for drinking green tea

As a general rule, the consumption of matcha tea should not pose any inconvenience to health. However, it is also convenient to know its contraindications and the negative effects that it can cause in people.

matcha tea
Green Tea

One of the tips provided by experts is to always consume this green tea on a full stomach and avoid consuming it on an empty stomach. In addition, this ingredient is usually consumed through the traditional infusion or shakes; although its flavor allows different culinary elaborations.

Sometimes, people who are usually started in the consumption of matcha tea can develop diarrhea, since the digestive system is not used to this food. Little by little over time this symptom will end up disappearing.

Other contraindications of matcha tea

Excess matcha tea can also influence the body’s iron levels, with the consequences of a deficiency of this micronutrient.

matcha tea
Green Tea

This is because the catechins in matcha tea bind to iron and make it difficult to absorb. Therefore, consuming matcha tea for a long period of time and in excess can lead to anemia, due to iron deficiency.

In any case, if the person follows a diet rich in iron, the consumption of matcha tea does not have to affect the levels of this mineral in the body. In addition, experts set approximately eight cups of matcha tea excessive consumption. It is difficult for a person to ingest these amounts in a single day.

That excessive matcha tea consumption leads to anemia is very rare. However, for a person who has iron deficiency, drinking this green tea regularly could aggravate the deficiency of this essential mineral.

In short, matcha tea is a suitable food for health, since the properties it houses provide important benefits for the body. However, it is also appropriate to regulate its consumption and not take more than two cups a day, to avoid some of the indicated contraindications.

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