At what time of the day is it better to take vitamins?


A good one nutrition is synonymous with Health, since thanks to this we can incorporate all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs to correctly develop all the corresponding functions. We are talking about vitamins as important as b12 vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D or vitamin A, among others.

In this sense, experts in nutrition They explain that through a good, varied and healthy diet we can have the necessary dose of the different vitamins that the body needs. However, on some occasions people may be deficient in one of these vitamins.

Thus, people with vitamin deficiencies are recommended to take vitamin supplements at least until the levels considered normal are recovered, in order to avoid any health damage.

This time we are going to treat the vitamins linked to anemia due to their deficiency. Specifically, we are talking about vitamin B12, folate and vitamin C. One of the common causes for a lack of vitamins in the body is poor absorption or a deficit of foods rich in these micronutrients.

Vitamin deficiency risks

There are certain factors that can increase the risk of developing vitamin deficiency in the body and not all of them are necessarily related to diet:

1. Eat a diet that contains little or no source of natural vitamins.

2. Pregnant women often need certain vitamin supplements.

3. People with stomach or intestinal problems that do not allow proper absorption of vitamins.

4. People who abuse the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

5. Take certain medications that are counterproductive for the absorption of vitamins.

What time of day is it best to take vitamin B12?

As we have commented previously, in this publication we focus on vitamins whose deficiency in the body can lead to the appearance of different types of anemia:

B12 vitamin: Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to megaloblastic anemia. The supplements of this vitamin are advisable for consumption in the morning and on an empty stomach. In addition, elements such as copper or vitamin B1 facilitate its absorption.

Vitamin C: It is a vitamin with important functions in the body and one of the vital micronutrients for the functioning of the immune system. It can be taken together with vitamins B12, E, A and zinc on an empty stomach. If you experience irritation, you can choose to take it with breakfast.

Folate or folic acid: One of the main missions of this vitamin in the body is the collaboration with vitamin C and vitamin B12 to help the body break down, use, and create new proteins. In addition, this nutritive element also contributes to the formation of red and white blood cells. It is advisable to take it as a supplement in the first meal of the day.

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