Artificial intelligence could hold the key to optimal glycemic control


The new technologies have led to important advances in the field of Health, never before imagined for the population. Although experts are already beginning to see in the Artificial intelligence (IA) the keys to an optimal control of the levels of blood glucose and consequently of the diabetes.

This has been recently stated by a series of experts at the XXXII Congress of the Spanish Diabetes Society (THIRST).

In this sense, José Miguel Borrachero, Family Physician at the Barrio Peral Health Center (Cartagena), explains that “artificial intelligence incorporated into the treatment of diabetes allows: individualization of therapies, greater efficacy and a reduction in the burden of decision making that a person living with diabetes has to make every day ”.

A clear example of the advancement of artificial intelligence in the field of diabetes and blood glucose control is what certain diabetes management software already does, incorporated into the continuous blood glucose infusion system.

In this regard, Dr. Borrachero points out that “these AI software allow us to learn from previous decisions to give each time a more individualized response to the person who uses them.”

Will there be a cure for diabetes?

Currently, diabetes has no cure. However, specialists do not lose hope that one day this disease will be eliminated. Of course, according to the criteria of José Miguel Borrachero, it seems complicated that the cure of this pathology comes from the hand of technology, although it could put us on the path to achieve the objective.

Glycemic diabetes

«The experience accumulated in recent years points in that direction, and it is that people with type 1 diabetes and the professionals who help make their lives easier know well how important the incorporation of continuous meters, pumps insulin or ‘apps’ to help in the daily management of diabetes “, he argues.

In addition, it is important to highlight that at present numerous projects with Artificial Intelligence are underway that cover all areas of the approach to diabetes; such as the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, monitoring or control of glycemia.

Regarding current projects, José Miguel Borrachero explains that “where it is most developed is in the treatment of type 1 diabetes, with the use of continuous meters and insulin pumps; here we have closed loop systems with software that use AI, being able to autonomously and individually manage the release of insulin according to the patient’s blood glucose levels ». +

On the other hand, ‘apps’ that integrate algorithms with AI are also beginning to be used, which advise the dose of insulin to be applied according to the blood glucose of patients who do not use insulin pumps. This is being developed for both type 1 diabetes patients and type 2 patients.

Revolution in the healthcare system

Another important aspect highlighted by José Miguel Borrachero in the context of blood glucose levels and optimal diabetes control is to carry out a small professional revolution in the health system in terms of diabetes units.

Being more technological, he estimates that it will be necessary to incorporate computer scientists, engineers and also patients who are experts in the disease. “If we are able to do so, we will greatly improve the quality of life of our patients and we will be at the level of what they need,” he assured.

In addition, another issue to keep in mind is the growing movement of people with diabetes to become increasingly involved in knowledge about their disease. In this regard, Borrachero has concluded that “there are already DIY movements, where people with diabetes have decided on their own to introduce algorithms created by them, without any supervision from drug agencies, to self-manage insulin pumps.”

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