Alcohol’s ‘dangerous’ reaction to vitamin B12


The b12 vitamin It’s one of the micronutrients essential for Health of people, so it is essential to have a balanced and healthy diet with foods that contain this type of vitamins among their composition. While vitamin B12 is only found in food of animal origin.

In this sense, vitamin B12 deficiency in the body occurs mainly due to two circumstances: Due to an inadequate intake of foods rich in this micronutrient or due to poor absorption of the vitamin once consumed.

For example, people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet do not introduce foods of animal origin into their diet, which can lead to a deficiency of this vitamin. On many occasions, supplementation with vitamin B12 is necessary.

Does alcohol influence vitamin B12 levels?

There is a complicated relationship between vitamin B12 and alcohol. And is that excessive intake of alcoholic beverages causes a poor absorption of this micronutrient by the body. For this reason, alcoholics can also develop a deficiency of this vitamin.

B12 vitamin

This occurs because vitamin B12 needs glutathione for its proper absorption by the body, this element being one of the major antioxidants. However, when we drink alcohol, the liver pulls on glutathione to minimize the oxidizing effects of alcohol and causes poor absorption of vitamin B12.

Thus, many patients have a deficiency of this transcendental vitamin of group B due to an inadequate functioning of the livers. This would be one of the many health detriments of drinking alcohol.

Doesn’t prevent hangover

This is the main relationship between vitamin B12 and a hangover. In other words, this vitamin has no power or ability to limit hangovers after drinking alcoholic beverages, as many people may believe.

Hangover person
Hangover man

Currently there is no solution to eliminate a hangover, although different drugs or medications are used to limit its effects. Thus, the only solution to prevent this phenomenon is not to drink alcoholic beverages.

Regarding the possible association of vitamin B12 and alcohol, the manager of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), Mercedes Otero. This specialist in the field ensures that “There is no evidence that any vitamin or vitamin complex mitigates hangover symptoms.”

Regarding the myth that circulates about the hangover, he explains that when a person arrives at the hospital in an ethyl coma, it is a common procedure to supply a glucose cocktail rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. However, he clarifies that not even this ‘shock’ prevents the patient from having a hangover later.

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